Friday, February 6, 2015

Oh...the contact memories!

So, its been a while since we've been in high school. My big boy has just started high school this year and I have to say that I have been getting some flash backs.

The not so happy one was having to contact my books! So here I was, on day two of high school having to contact about a dozen books for JR (I didn't want to submit him to that pain so early, and I am also a bit of a perfectionist so the thought of bubbles and uneven corners made me shudder).

Oh the frustration. I didn't have sharp scissors at first, so that was annoying. Then the contact kept rolling back on me in an odd position, so had to use the roll as a weight. I managed it though. Thank goodness. I just hope that he doesn't bring any more home any time soon!

I have to say that a glass of wine did help :)

Do you have any tips to make this easier??


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