Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ice cream for breakfast

I recently bought Kid President's 2015 calendar for the boys as I thought it was kinda fun and that Kid President Rocks.

My Boo looked through it month by month and managed to pick out some fun items that had been added.

Such as "Ice Cream for breakfast day". Every day for the two weeks leading up to it he would remind me that it was coming up. Then...ta was there!.

My first thought at 7am that morning was "oh, wow, do we actually have any ice cream?". We were having 20 people over for lunch that day so was NOT wanting to hit the shops yet again!

I am really trying to instill "good choices" in my young one, as he (along with 99% of other kids) would choose the sweet stuff over anything else. Luckily JR has reached a more sensible age where he is happy to have an apple before cake...or that kind of thing.

So in order to make my 8 year old happy on Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, I made him cinnamon toast (on yummy wholegrain bread) with the ice cream on top. Hey presto...kida heathy...well healthier than if Id just given him a bowl of ice cream!

Thanks Kid President! Cant wait for the next fun day!!


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