Monday, February 9, 2015

And we are up & running!

Back into people.

2015 is back-up to speed and humming along.

School is back, sport is back, meal plans are back.

With band practice, new after school classes and the Big and the Little missing the Middle while he is on camp, this week is going to look a little like this:

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on toast
Dinner - Chicken San Choy Bao

Breakfast - Coconut creamed Rice with fruit
Dinner - Home made Sushi with Dumplings
note: alot of rice, I know. Ticking some favourite meal options for the Middle on his last night before camp!

Breakfast - Jaffles
Dinner - Pumpkin Soup

Breakfast - Eggs & Soldiers
Dinner - Steak with Potato Gratin and Brocollini

Breakfast - Avo & Tomato on Toast
Dinner - Spaghetti with Pork & Veal Ragu (ie: Spag Bol!)

Happy Monday everyone - hope you have a crackin' week!

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