Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Washing trick

Right. So yes this blog is generally about foodie type stuff - well so far...however recently I was taking to a girlfriend of mine about how we hang our washing.

Oh such scintillating conversation I know! Next we'll be discussing which is the best type of mop!!!

Anyhoo..all silliness aside, she thought that the way I hang my stuff was pretty good considering she is a bit space-poor in her place.

Basically, I hang just about EVERYTHING on hangers. Other than socks, undies, towels etc, but all shirts, shorts, pj's get put on a hanger. It makes great use of the space and is also fab for just getting those shirts off the line and sticking them straight into the wardrobe.

This is super for when its raining and you have a teeny amount of space on your wobbly fold up line.

Less folding, less sorting, less ironing - my least favourite chore (probably because it was one of my chores as a kid and I HATED it!!)!

I dare you to give it a will  be amazed!

Do you have any nifty tips?


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