Monday, January 19, 2015

Little chefs

Both of my boys like to cook and help out in the kitchen. I've always had them in the kitchen under my feet since they were little and have always given them jobs - even if its the last stir of the cake before licking the spoon!

Now my big one is getting even more adventurous with his cooking. We recently spend a weekend up at my mum's place, and he and his cousin cooked up the most amazing meal.

Firstly it was an Adam Liaw recipe from a book that we had given J for Christmas (Adam's Big pot). It was a yummy pulled pork recipe that simmered for 4 hours so was so tender.

But dessert....WOW. The absolutely winner.. Its a Masterchef recipe with 5 different components. Cookies and cream is the recipe. There is a vanilla parfait, a salted caramel sauce, a chocolate mousse, a chocolate crumb and an almond praline.

Seriously? You ask. Yup I say. They did it all without my help. Totes amaze.

Far out it was amazing. Words just cant describe how proud I was to eat this (and how absolutely gobsmashingly yummy it was).

I just hope I can get him into the kitchen more often through the week for more simple fare!

I seriously encourage you to get your kids into the kitchen. We have so much fun when we cook together and now I am getting these amazing masterpieces worth the mess in their early years!

Below is J doing quenelles of the mousse..

Do you cook with your kids? 


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