Monday, January 12, 2015

Lazy days of summer

Welcome to the lazy days of there nothing for relaxing than those first few days of January, the what-day-is-it kind days, the laze-around-and-just-be kind of days?

After a pretty crazy led-up to Christmas that included flat stick work, family lunches and a two day hospital stay for the littlest (all good now, but wow, that was one n.a.s.t.y. splinter!) we have been in serious wind-down, feet-up mode around here.

Along with sleeping in and general lazing around, I have been slowly working my way through the crop of summer mags.

Feeling the need for some serious menu inspiration around here.....and boom, found some great (and simple!) ideas in the summer Donna Hay. I think these will be making an appearance in the summer meal rotation pronto!

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