Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last lazy day for a while

It's the last day of the Summer holidays today and wow, it's a soggy, grey old day. What a way to see out the summer, stuck inside watching the rain stream down the window panes.

As a celebratory gesture, we embraced the general dinner-for-breakfast vibe (or to be more precise, dessert-for-breakfast) and served up Crepe Suzette. We had some left over batter in the fridge, as well as some orange syrup so it all fell into place nicely, thank you very much.

Speak of things of the crepe variety, over the break, I read this great post on Cup Of Jo. The post is good little round of of Parenting tips. And while most of the tips are probably skewed to the first few years of life with kids, there are some gems in there that can be work for any age and/or stage....

* Make a double batch of homemade pancake batter at the beginning of the week and keep it in the fridge in a 4-cup measuring cup. Just needs a stir for a delish, speedy breakfast all week long.

 * Create a once-a-week "Doughnut Day" or "Candy Day." Instead of always having to say "No, you can't have a doughnut," you get to say "We have doughnuts on Wednesday," and then it's special that day. My son gets so excited on "Doughnut Day."

* Being there is a huge part of parenting. Not just being physically present, but mindfully and emotionally present, too. When you come home from work, if at all possible, leave your phone in your bag and just be present for your kid for the first chunk of time (10 minutes? an hour? it's up to you). Even if you're stressed from your day and cranky about something, it's so important to put it aside for some quality time with your kids, before you launch into dinner or bedtime or whatever homework you need to do. Ironically, sometimes the kid is too busy for quality time (playing intensely or doing homework) but just knowing that you're there and available is enough!

Have a nice last-day-of the holidays everyone - I think it's going to be snuggled up, tracky-pants kind of day! xE

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