Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A touch on the naughty side.....

Do you have a go-to "sometimes" dinner - you know the ones, they have the odd naughty element to them? That little extra bit that you just couldn't have every week, coz it's just....well.....naughty.

One of our favourite naughties is Home-made Burgers with some sort of supermarket frozen chip or potato action on the side - I know, I know, super market frozen chips. Their crunchy golden goodness is a whole lot of wrong that just turns out to be a right every now and again!

We had a special "sometimes" dinner last night - the last night of the holidays - the night were the bed time had to be back to somewhere at least within koo-ie of "normal", but dinner was also a bit of a boo-the-holidays-are-over-but-gee-wasn't-that-fun-and-aren't-we-looking-forward-to-seeing-everyone-at-school-tomorrow celebration.

Bacon & Cheese burgers on the menu, a bit of lettuce (token greenery!) and Potato Gems - naughty naughty naughty!

Hope everyone got back to school OK - one of the Alphabet Boys started High School today (where on earth do the years go!!) - big hugs and claps to him and to S!


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