Monday, December 8, 2014

An Alphabet Soup type of Christmas - Part 1

So has everyone survived the first week of December?

That week when it dawns on you that, yes, actually, Christmas is like totally just around the corner and best you shift it & get busy with the Christmas action.

Around here, Christmas action comes in a few different shapes and sizes. Firstly, we are a Tree-up-on-December-1st type of household. This year, that involved H heading out to the Christmas tree farm at Dural and selecting a tree. (said tree then stood patiently in a bucket, wrapped in net, waiting for December 1st to roll around).

But prior to the tree going up on December 1st, we have the annual outing to the shops for the boys to select their new decoration for the year. This is something I have done with them every year, and baring the odd breakage along the way, they now have quite the collection. (please note, this can be quite a painful outing, but I'll go into that at a later date.....somewhere under the heading of "for the love of sweet baby jesus, would you just choose a decoration, the centre only offers 3 hours free parking").

Anywoo, upon choosing a new decoration, we waiting for the December the 1st to roll around and the boys set about decorating the tree with great gusto - as you can imagine, it is quite the eclectic style of tree - not your lovely, simple matchy-matchy goodness that appeals to my inner ODC self - actually a girl friend of mine hashtagged the picture of her tree on Instagram with a beauty  #whenthekidsmoveoutiwilldothetreemyway - I just had to join in! xE

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