Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sustainable christmas wrapping

I am just about organised this year when it comes to the whole present buying things. Except for the boys that is.

Our tree goes up in just over a week, and I am pleased to say that I will already have some wrapped gifts to put under it.

I do and try, most of the time, to do my very best by the environment. Every year we are sure to recycle all of our paper and wrappings. 

This year, I am wrapping all of the adults presents in either a calico bag or a lovely tea towel. Ive seen some great bags on Apple Green Duck and some cute ones on Cotton on.

For the boys, sorry I am using paper as how can you deny kids the mad tearing of paper on Christmas day, but it will be recycled paper. 

For gift tags, every year I reuse old christmas cards that have been sent to us. I cut out the pictures or words, discard the back of the card, and hey presto - instant gift tag.

Maybe next year I will manage to wrap everything in lovely reusable bags....

Do you have any wrapping tips? Know any good places I can get some more bags?


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