Monday, December 1, 2014

Never lose your glass at that Christmas party again

Yup.Its just about that time of year again, the mad festive season where all of a sudden every person you know wants to catch up "before christmas". 

As my big boy is coming to the end of this primary school years, we are having a lot of drop ins and kids coming over for a swim. This also includes usually a few mummies staying too for a nice cold glass of bubbles! 

Along with this, for some reason my boys like to use every glass in the house. Every. Single. Day. At the end of the day we end up with about a dozen glasses lying about.

You know those little dibbers that people have with little items hanging off them that you put around the stem of your wine glass to remember its yours at a party? Well, they are clever, but I always forget whether Im the knife and fork, or the rolling pin etc etc

Ta daa......nifty wine glass markers. I have been using them on the boys glasses of a morning so they only use one each a day, and they are also great when you have a few friends over so you don't forget which glass is yours. 

Get entertaining everyone!!


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