Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gingerbread goodness

Wow - where has December gone?

Usually, like Em, I get some great gingerbread house kits and the boys go to town to decorate them. Thankfully one son is a little anal like me and his house is usually very nicely decorated. Wow it kills me not to fix the other one! the theme of this year I have left it too had to buy a cheaper option from the shops on the weekend. A gingerbread train and a shack! 

For a start, the icing was rubbish! Did not stick easily, and just clumped. Also the gingerbread is not the best. Serves me right really for going for the super quick and cheap and nasty option in my haste to tick the boxes! At least you won't really taste it under the layers of lollies!!!

Next year - its calendar notes and planning ahead!

Are you feeling a little frazzled and time poor too?


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