Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Getting our Christmas craft on

Today, we have a guest post from my gorgeous step-sister Emma (yes, we have the same name - long story!). Em has two total cuties who are 4 & 2 (heading for 5 & 3 in the next couple of months), so she in knee deep in christmas frenzy, tinsel love and putting all the decorations half way up the tree.

She's also been getting down and dirty with the glitter........

This year I decided the best way to avoid any potential Christmas meltdowns (and the potential is STRONG when hosting 14 on Christmas Day and 12 on Boxing Day!) was to do absolutely as MUCH as possible as early as possible. This includes the cooking of the pudding and cake and the getting on of the Christmas craft!

Now when you live with some little people as I do, a little glitter and starry garland action ahead of time is not seen as out of order, in fact it is applauded and welcomed. We've had our homemade star garlands up for a few weeks now, and though we still have one more (quite long) one to make, I take great comfort in seeing them up and feeling festive.....

To make, we traced a wooden star we already had on a couple of large sheets of white cardboard, then cut out all the stars. This truly did take a fair bit longer than I thought it would, but I comforted myself with how much money I was saving by not buying someone else's homemade gorgeous bunting on Etsy.

We used stick glue to coat before dipping the stars alternately in gold glitter and sand from the little harbour beach close by and stringing up with twine. 

I really wanted to make something simple that fit in with the bush surrounds of our new house but that was still Christmassy.

Whilst involving the little people did result in them looking ready to board a Mardi Gras float by the end, it was fun and they loved making something for our house.

Mission accomplished, feels like Christmas already!

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