Friday, November 14, 2014

When was the last time you tried......

Hands up if you remember the Jacket-Potato fast-food shops of the mid eighties? There was one up the road from us called "King of Spuds". They would have come close in number to rival the abundance of the frozen yogurt shops of today (well, maybe not, but you get my drift!)

With Dinner fatigue setting in fast around here, we have been reverting to some classic "retro" numbers.....nachos, chicken burgers and yes, jacket potatoes.

The Potatoes are a super simple meal and have been going down a treat. Shown here is the "mexican" version, but any savoury mince (such as left over bolognese) will work....add some cheese and avo and you've bumped up the diary and green veg (*cough* i know that technically, avocado is a fruit....but around here, it gets veggi points!) - winner!

Choose 1 to 2 larger potatoes per person, and give them a quick scrub.
Jab each one a few times with a wooden skewer
Lay on a baking tray, give a quick coat of olive oil, and some salt & pepper
Bake in a 180 to 200c oven for aprox 1 hour (or until skewer slides easily into potato)

To serve, slice length ways down top, and across ways a couple of times and press open with a fork, and add toppings of choice - yum!

Happy Fridays - here's to the weekend! xE

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