Friday, November 21, 2014

Super quick midweek meal

So this week I failed to do a menu plan. Bad bad me...

My lovely hubby did the grocery shop on the weekend (I am calling him the lovely hubby in the hope that he reads this and is encouraged to shop more often!) and I have been trying to wing it with a little stress and moderate success. We have come to the end of the week and we both get home late from work with no meal planned. Noooo!

So I pulled together this beauty. It ticked all the boxes: loved by the kids - tick; some vegetable goodness included - tick; super quick and easy - tick tick.

All you need is:
Olive Oil
Large tin of tuna

Put a large glug  of olive oil in a medium sized fry pan (enough to cover the base). Add a clove or two of chopped garlic and a chopped chilli. Simmer on really low while you get the other stuff ready.
Cook the pasta (any old type) according to instructions. 
Chop a head of broccoli and drain your tin of tuna. 
Once the pasta has cooked leave it to drain in a colander. Meanwhile, turn the heat up on your oil to med-high. Add the broccoli, tuna and some salt and pepper and put a lid on. Cook for a couple of minutes stirring occasionally. Add the drained pasta, and lashings of really good grated parmesan cheese.

Serve up and devour!

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