Monday, November 24, 2014

little crunchy sticks

With the weather feeling warmer and the days getting long, dinners are turning "lighter". We have a some sort of salad with most meals - getting the boys to have a variety of fresh (uncooked) veggies every day is one aim, but as Hayden (my better half) is a vegetarian, it means that the evening meal can cater for all family members.

Mandolines are a fantastic tool for salads - they make easy work of all the slicing and dicing (although, if I am honest, the sharpness & stealth of the blade gives my that awful wofty, wiggly, frightened feeling at the base of my tummy every-time I touch it! - no cut fingers yet, though!)

This salad is one of the boys favourites - carrot, cucumber and green apples, with finely sliced coriander stems.

Dressing? see how you feel on the day - lemon juice & olive oil, Japanese sesame dressing, a dash of apple cider vinegar - all good!


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