Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How does your garden grow?

We have a planter box (actually, an old concrete laundry sink!) out on the back deck that we use to grow herbs in - I love a good fresh herb or two (and they are so ouchy exy at the supermarket!) but lately, we have also taken to planting something else.....

See the bright green bit on the bottom right of the pic - well, that is a "living lettuce" from the supermarket (you know the ones, they have the root ball still attached....something a friend of mine refers to as the "skanky-root-hanging-stuff"...nice), well did you know that if, after using the majority of the leaves, you re-plant them, they can kick off and keep growing!

We have about an 80% success rate, and you can get about another 6 weeks and at times another 2 to 3 lots of re-growth out of them - winner!! xE

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