Wednesday, November 5, 2014

High School

I am soon to become one of them. One of the mothers that have a child in high school. I'm not the first one of my group of friends to reach this milestone, but I cant believe it! Where has that time gone?

I seems like an age since I was in high school and I truly cant remember what we did for lunches in the first few years. I do remember hitting the local bakery of a morning for a freshly baked and still warm cheese and bacon roll. I vaguely remember getting things from the canteen...but lunch boxes?

What do high school kids do these days? Do they all have 'swag' (apparently means cool) lunchboxes packed with snacks and sambos? Do they just take a sandwich wrapped in a brown paper bag that they can ever so coolly take out and munch on while wandering the playground?

E's discovery of the pouches will be a good start as J loves to whip up a smoothie. That's where my brain stops. I have visions of the poor guy turning up on his first day of high school with the most uncool lunch. Oh the SHAME! 

I did quickly have a look on Pinterest and some of the ideas were LUDICROUS. At least for a 12 year old boy.  

So its time for me to reach out to those wise wise women in my group of friends who are already there. At high school. Weathering the lunch box issue!

What do you give your high schooler for lunch?


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