Friday, November 21, 2014


Last week was the week from hell.

Last week I've juggled work, sick kids, hospital visits, along with ensuring the rest of the family eat well and get enough fibre/vitamins/goodness etc etc blah blah blah.

I have had two days of courses that I have to commute into city for this week so I tried to get super organised. 

Saturday I did the menu plan. I made the mistake if asking the boys (all three of them!) for their requests:
          - quesadilla
          - tacos
          - pizza
          - katsu-don
          - fried rice

Hmm...... so the menu plan ended up like this:

Sunday - Risotto
Monday - Chicken Pie
Tuesday - Lasagne
Wednesday - Fried rice
Thursday - Quesadilla

What we ended up eating?

Sunday - Risotto (proscuitto, pea & porcini)
Monday - Chicken & vege Pie
Tuesday - Lasagne
Wednesday - Takeaway chinese
Thursday - Leftover lasagne

Not too bad....and the only real bad as the takeaway but we supplemented with some of our own veg (I was so flat out with work and lists and getting everyone ready for weekends etc that I just did not have the head space to even think about dinner!)

How has you week been?


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