Friday, November 7, 2014

Bangkok - Two

This is breakfast. Bangkok Style.

Each morning we wandered down the street to another hotel to eat from their buffet. There was the usual stuff - chopped fruit, cheese and meat platters, the yummiest croissants (flown in from Paris once a week apparently). My fave part was the hot buffet.

There was miso soup with an array of condiments including tofu and pickled vegetables, there was all manner of stir fries with chicken, vegetables and noodles. My favourite was the fried rice and the dumplings. The rice varied each day. The first day it had morsels of fresh crab. Day two was with fried garlic. Day three - with egg, and day 4 with chill peas and bacon. Day 3 was the best, however every morning this was my start to the day (yes mum, I did have fruit also!).


What's your favourite international breakfast?


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