Monday, November 3, 2014

Bangkok - One

We have just returned from 4 days in Bangkok. My lovely in-laws took the family over there to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary. What an amazing place. Oh..and the FOOD!

We ate at a selection of places. A top notch fancy pants Thai restaurant for the big celebration, a wonderful Italian restaurant located in our hotel, not to mention a quaint Thai place in the middle of a random lane way. There was also an awesome food hall and last but not least the street food! The place is a food lovers dream. So many places to choose from, and the taste of it! Thai food will never be the same again.

On our second day there, we hit some street markets at Khao San Road. After a bit of shopping (not the best - really aimed at backpackers) we stopped to have a cold beer. A must for the hot days! Tony disappeared outside for a few minutes, then came back with this:

Yes, that is a tray of scorpions. BBQ'd ones. Ranging in size from small to massive. So he bought two (of the smaller ones - about 5cm long in the body). One for himself and one for JR.

Oh yes, they ate them. Apparently they tasted like BBQ chips and were a little chewy.

Well done them I say. I wasn't game!

Stay tuned for more....


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