Wednesday, October 15, 2014!

Stop the presses!

I have just discovered these fantastic little pouches and let me tell you, they are dead set one of the best lunch box helpers e.v.e.r!

New-to-me, Easy Peasy Pouches hit the market earlier this year and are the brain-child of Sydney Northern Beaches mum Carly Howarth. I discovered them while fussing around on Instragram one night and found the on-line ordering and delivery to be smooth & speedy.

I have been making smoothies for the boys, freezing them and popping them in their lunch boxes. They replace the need for a freezer pack and have been a great way to get a bit of variety into the lunch-box routine. And even better, they have been met with a major thumbs-up from all three boys.

The pouches are re-usable and can go in the freezer, as well as being dish-washer safer. Carly has some great ideas (and recipes) on her instagram feed, as well as the web site. Check them out!


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