Monday, October 27, 2014

Breakfast love

I am a big fan of breakfast. I am not one of the these have-a-cup-of-coffee-and-I'm-off kind of people - I need to have something to kick start my day, and usually that means something warm.

I guess I got into the habit of this when the boys were small (at pre-school kind of small, not teeny baby kind of small). As H was out the door on any given work day by around 7am, I was on deck, front & centre from pretty much the point when I opened my eyes of a morning.

When the cranky mornings, peppered with 8:30am pre-schooler melt downs were starting to feel like one endless groundhog day, I decided I needed to look at what we were doing, morning-routine-wise and work out what could shift.

Cereal had been quite a big part of the morning meal options, particularly with the kids learning how to "make their own" and I had rolled with it. They loved making their own bowls of muesli / weetbix / just right but as I started to look at our "patterns" a bit more, I realised there were less meltdowns on the morning when we did something like porridge, or eggs.

I am totally not going to evangelise down the there-is-sugar-in-cereal-and-sugar-makes-them-burko path, I just observed over the years that things move along more smoothly when a little less processed-and-in-a-box, and a little more baked-beans-or-scrambled-eggs-on-toast is involved.

So, on any given week, our morning options might look a little like this...

Mushrooms on Toast
Boiled Eggs and Soldiers
Bacon and Scrambled Egg wraps
Baked Beans on Toast