Monday, September 29, 2014

the days are a little slower.....

It's school holidays around these parts at the moment, and while that means that some of the days are a little slower, it does also require a few more circus skills (read: Juggling!) than normal.

The juggle of parents work schedules and kids holidays schedules can be a tricky one.

We managed to sneak in a few days away last week - with our boys, as well as my gorgeous sister-in-law, with her Hubby and kids. With 5 boys and 4 adults, a little bit of planning of the food front went a long way.

Tips are as normal - we had plenty of fruit on hand, as well ample drinks and I must say, I always find a good stash of nuts goes a long way to help with any random-nibble-requirements.

We had split the other staples between us and just kept dinner basic - BBQ fare with plenty of salad and fresh veggies.

Very happy to say that we nailed it with the provisioning and were left with barely a slice of bread or lonely celery stick - result! xE

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