Friday, September 26, 2014

New family members...

Meet Thelma, Louise and Laverne. Unfortunately Shirley became poorly and croaked (or clucked?!).

These girls belonged to friends who had to move and couldn't build them a new home. Luckily for us and for them we had a newly built and rarely used cubby house that the Husband happily converted to a lovely chicken palace.

These gals are amazing. They eat just about everything (except onions or chocolate, and who has leftover chocolate?). They are quite partial to bits of bacon or a little steak. Not to mention rice or spaghetti. Scraps from making the salad - to the chooks. Lunch that the fellas didn't eat because they "didn't have time" - to the chooks. Three day old pork roast that you can't bring yourself to eat or to  throw out - here chook.

The amount of rubbish that we are NOT throwing out is amazing. No more full red bin for us! 
Truly worth the noise they make in the morning! And the eggs...that's a whole other post!

Do you have chooks? Any tips for great eggs?


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