Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mid week Celebration? Why not!

My mum is a great help to me now that I am working full time, and comes over every week to help wrangle the boys. She picks them up from school, helps with washing overload if there is any (ha! of course there is!), supervises homework etc..

This week she had a celebration - the foundation that she does some work with have recently attained some accreditation for something that took them ages and ages and hours of pouring over paperwork - a long hard slog for something worthwhile (ok - they were granted ‘approved organisation’ status by the Minister for Foreign Affairs which basically means that when people make a donation to JSF the donation is tax deductible)

She mentioned that she wished she'd been able to celebrate the good news with someone as she'd received the call over then phone when at home, and I just so happened to have a bottle of bubbles in the! Nothing like sipping down some ice cold bubbly mid week as a treat!

Have you had any good news recently?


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