Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cheats cookies

Like all busy parents, sometimes I have to cheat a little in order to get some treats out there that have at least a hint of nutrition.

On my weekly crazed dash stroll through the supermarket I discoverated (yes yes, still a word!) a packet cookie mix that had NO NUMBERS on the ingredients list. Totes amazeballs right?

So when I got the packet home and started to make these delicious morsels, I decided to add some more sultanas (for extra goodness) and some chocolate chips (for that special treat).

Awesome! They rocked and I felt all wholesome making them. Go me.

Can you recommend any good 'cheat' ideas for snacks and treats?


**this is not a sponsored post however if the Wholeberry Folk would like to send me some more I'd gladly make them!!!

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