Monday, August 18, 2014

well, that was one good trip!

OK, so no, we didn't go to New York for almost 2 years, as the lack of blog posts may have led you to think!
We did have one fantastic trip though! 
The sites, the sounds, the food and the people all lived up to expectations - from cosy lunches at Freemans on a rainy afternoon, to Shake Shack Burgers and fries. Union Square markets and Smorgasburg, the deli's, the bars and the food carts, we well & truly ate our way around NYC!
The thee stand-out would have to have been:
Mary's Fish Camp for the most perfectly  seafood meal I have.ever.had
Taim for amazing fluffy falafel, immaculate salads and the best fries on the face of the earth (truly!)
The Rusty Knot, this kooky little bar we found, that looked out over the Hudson, that had cocktails I can still taste and the now famous (in our house anyway) Fish Po' Boys.
Needless to say - can't wait to go back!

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