Friday, August 29, 2014

Campfire Cooking at its best!

We recently took a 4 week road trip through areas of Australia (yes, mid winter)

We travelled Sydney-Warrumbingles-Lightening Ridge-Charleville-Longreach-Alice Springs-Kings Canyon-Uluru-Coober Pedy-Lake Eyre-Flinders ranges-Sydney.  Some camping, some hotels. Lots of driving!

When we were camping in the Flinders Ranges, after a particularly long day the fellas were so knackered they went to bed before dinner. This left the Hubby and I with lots of leftovers, and we already had the following days meal planned.

So..voilacamp breakfastwe called it a “Cowboy” breakfast to make it more enticing than leftover dinner!. Consisting of chopped butterfly lamp, leftover cooked veg (potato, carrots & peas) all heated up together then some eggs cracked in.

What a hit!

What do you do with your leftover dinners?


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