Wednesday, August 20, 2014

books, books, so many books

If there is a word for cook-book addiction - then I am sure that I am the embodiment it...or at least, the embodiment of a (hopefully) recovering one.

At last count we, well, lets just say, we had an enthusiastic abundance of cook books, as well as countless magazines, tear sheets and web sites book-marked. The cook-per-recipe-purchased ratio would be very low - but I guess that, like many others I know, the time spent consuming of food publications far out weights the consumption of food itself! I love that my cousins wife has a pinterest board called "recipes I will pretend to make".

Pinterest is a great starting point for find new recipes - lately, with an eye to turning my back on the blustery chill of winter, I have noticed I am pinning lots of salads - I definitely have an eye on the coming change of season!


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