Friday, September 7, 2012

after-school routine

Something I find myself wondering is how do those "smooth" afternoons happen?

You know the ones.....the ones were no one argues when you ask them to empty out their school bags and put their lunch boxes in the sink....they love their afternoon tea and are over joys with whats planned for dinner....and everyone does their home work when asked.....are they all share and take turns on the computer...and no one hits, or pinches, or pokes, or pulls.

What sort of alchemy produces "those" afternoons, when others can be an utter (to quote my father-in-law) fur-line-ocean-going-disaster from "Good afternoon, how was school today" to "Good night, sleep well"?

Is it routine?
Is it the stars?

I don't know what makes them happen, but I do know that if I worked it out, and bottled it, I would have a darn-sight more pennies in the bank!


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