Friday, August 24, 2012

for the love of a good lettuce cup

In the midst of the time-poor-run-around-doing-a-million-things-at-once bonanza that is currently our lives, San Choy Bao has been popping up a bit on the meal plans.

It a fast-to-prepare and cost effective (read: cheap!) way to get a good amount of protein AND fresh veggies into the boys in one sitting and with minimal complaint. In the past, I have been a shunner of packet mixes & ready-made-sauces, but I must confess, I have become a convert to this (photo above) little packet of joy - the bang-up tasting, super easy San Choy Bao mix made by Lee Kum Kee.

All the making of a tasty dinner!

Tip: I have found that using baby cos lettuce leaves works really well with the kids - they find them easier to handle than ice-berg cups - and are a heap easier to wash & prep!



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