Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the eb and flow of the plastics draw

Our "plastics" drawer is definitely happiest during school term time.

During term, there is a happy medium within the drawer - room for the plastic jug, enough space to fit a stray lunch box, stacked storage containers sit comfortably, waiting to be filled and placed in the freezer. A ready selection of different sized boxes at your finger tips.

School holidays are a different story.

The drawer heaves under the burden of out-of-service lunch and recess boxes. Items that play happily together in term time, argue with each other for space and jostle of attention when ever the drawer is opened. Lids can not be found and the container you want is always sitting underneath many others, calling for you to disgorge half of the drawers contents to get to it.

H-for-Husband finds the plastics drawer intimidating during holiday time. The children are reticent to open it. I tend to avoid it and revert to using snap-lock bags (unless of course, I am embarking on a school-holiday-get-ready-for-term-time-cooking-fest).

Come Week 1 of term though, and hark, peace is resorted. The plastics are happy once more. The universe is again in balance.

Welcome back to school everyone :)