Thursday, June 21, 2012

More 'Glamping'

So, we met up with some friends and took the family camping down near Wisemans Ferry in Sydney. It had been POURING some days beforehand but luckily it cleared for us.

So Mr TJ is a bit of a camper. Loves it. Loves to cook over an open fire. So he volunteered to do all the cooking. For our weekend.

The best ever and also easiest meal is Camp Fire Roast Chook!

All you need is a whole chicken, some mixed herbs (those nifty ones in the tube), some oil and some veges. Rub the mixed herbs on the chicken. Place in your camp oven with your chopped veg (potato, carrot, pumpkin etc) and sit in a really hot fire for about an hour and a half. Hey presto. Yummy dinner.