Monday, June 25, 2012

meal planning monday

This week we have:

Monday: Satay Chicken with veggies and rice
Tuesday: Quiche & Salad
Wednesday: Ravioli with Bacon & Tomato sauce

Short week you say?

The boys break-up from school on Thursday and have a disco on at school that evening, so dinner will be something light, and with Friday being the first day of the holidays, we'll just take it as it comes and enjoy the break from the school-week routine.

I generally print out 2 copies of "the plan" - one goes on the fridge and the other in my diary. This way the kids can keep an eye on whats coming up and I know what I need to have prepped for the following day etc and can work the required shopping/cooking into my day. Aside from the financial savings associated with efficient grocery shopping, the most dramatic effect of the weekly meal plan is the way it cuts down on the general whinging that can go around meals and food in general.

I tend to include breakfast and afternoon tea, as well as dinner, in the plan. This means that the kids know what is coming up during the week (if one of them isn't that mad on whats for dinner one night, then they can see that they really like what is coming up the next night). It also means that in the mornings, they can get up and check whats on the plan for breakfast (and sometimes they even get a start on getting it going!).

Dinners are generally planned around the various after school activities as well as my work commitments and planning also means I can balance out what the meals consist of and avoid last minute stop-gaps (like pasta) happening 4 nights out of 5! At the moment, I am trying to go meat-free for at least one dinner a week, as well as trying to work in some fish to the plan once a week (not being met with such a great response!).

Happy planning!

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