Thursday, June 21, 2012

freezer love

I love my Freezer. I really do.

A well stocked freezer is most definitely one of the things that can help make life run smoothly around here.

At the moment in the freezer we have:

Pork Mince - can be used in San Choy Bao or Chinese Dumplings (both speedy favs of H-for-husband)
Meat Balls
Frozen Ravioli
Frozen Peas
Soup - Chicken and veg, as well as Pumpkin
Crumpets - weekend breakfasts
Bananas - cakes/ smoothies etc
Yogurt squeezing things (for lunch boxes)
Pastisis - afternoon tea fodder
Pizza Bases
Butter - for those last-minute-help-i-have-to-make-a-cake-moments
(a'hummmm) vodka

All of which means that I know that when I am having an attack of the "really? i really have to cook dinner again tonight??" I know that there is a quick, easy meal at my finger tips, somewhere in the freezer.