Sunday, May 20, 2012

when the wheels fall off

Last week was one of those weeks when I really should have followed my own advice.

For what ever long and varied bunch of reasons, I just didn't get around to doing a meal plan......and geeez, was I kicking myself by the end of the week!

Last week, of all weeks - two of the boys had NAPLAN tests, there where multiple sports training sessions, not to mention games (son #1 - we shall call him Sport'o Guy - is currently on two seperate rugby teams and plays soccer for his primary school) - oh, and of course band practice, home work...ummmm, what am I leaving out.....oh, work! thats right, I was trying to squeeze work in there too! One of the lovely people I work with broke her foot :( and has been on crutches, so I have doing alot more hours than I said, why universe, why, did I not meal-plan last week??

We managed to stumble through - endlessly thankful for the various meals stashed in the freezer, as well grabbing ingredients while on the run - the boys even got their all time f.a.v.o.u.r.i.t.e meal mid-week...the meal that has been dubbed Easy-Peasy.

Easy-Peasy consists of:

1 x tin of Baked Beans
1 x tin of Tinned Spaghetti
1 x serve of 6 egg Scrambled Eggs
Avocado (token veggie)

Needless to say, they don't get this nearly as often as they would like - and heres to getting the wheels firmly-back-in-place this week!


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