Friday, May 18, 2012

let them eat cake

We have a couple of birthdays coming up in the house-of-3-boys, so thoughts have turned once again to cake.

Over the years we have tried out many different cakes....

All the boys have had a spotty number 3.

We have had various trains, robots and animals.

We have tried out this fabulous cake from the amazing Deb

We have outsourced.....

But the most popular by far - with kids AND adults alike is the super easy, no-bake rice-bubble and marshmallow cake from Martha.

We have done it as cubes and made a big stack, we have smooshed it into number tins and have rice-bubble goodness is the shape of a 4, the shape of a 5 - heck, we've even mixed jelly snakes and lollies through for that extra bit of something special.

An all round winner and a great no-bake option!


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