Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is that a banana in your freezer........

Now, it may seem like an unlikely thing to do with a banana,  but if you find yourself with a fruit bowl inhabited with a bunch of un-loved-un-eaten-and-on-the-turn bananas - don't throw them out - chuck them in the freezer!

The frozen banana is  great thing - it is perfect to throw in a Smoothy, and it can be defrosted and added at just about any muffin/cake/pancake batter for that extra bit of yummy goodness.

Just put them in the freezer as their skin. If adding to a smoothy, cut the skin off with a sharp, cerated knife (after softening the banana a little under warm, running water). To use in a cake, they will need to be defrosted - place them on a plate and either leave them in the fridge or out on the bunch top - a small word of warning, once defrosted, the skin turns completely black, and some liquid comes out of the banana - all good though, just remove the top and the defrosted flesh can just be squeezed out.

Happy Bananering!


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