Wednesday, May 2, 2012


On a recent weekend, we went camping with our boys and my lovely sister-in-law, and her boys (yes - boys boys boys every where!).

It was everything camping should be and the boys had a ball. One of the things that made it super easy was that we had done a bit for forward planning on the meals front - basically splitting meal duties between to the two families which meant that no one doubled up and when it came time to pack up, there was nary an apple to be found - the catering was spot on and there was no throwing out of food, or hauling sweaty cheese and limp lettuce home.

We were responsible for dinner on the Saturday night. H (husband o' mine) decided that Chicken Satay sticks where the go. Now, I must admit, I was rather sceptical about this plan (are you nuts? raw chicken? how do we keep that cold enough in the esky for 36 hours?) - but man, was I proved wrong!

H made up the satay sticks a few nights before - he wrapped them in several layers of plastic bags and put them in the freezer. Come time for packing, they came out of the freezer and straight into the esky, surrounded by other ice blocks and general esky fodder. (I was still sceptical.....)

Well - come Saturday afternoon, the esky had done it's job sooooo well that we ended up having to take the satays out and put them in the tent (away from local roaming wild life!) to fully defrost!

Cooked over the camp fire and served with noodles and crunchy salad it was about as fancy as fancy can be!


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